Monday, March 4, 2013

Four Directions for Healing

Sinking my energy down, down, through my bed, the floor beams, the walls, down into the earth. The earth supports me completely. I am supported.
East: Healing of air. Clear wind blows away the viruses. Clear mind notices, notices, experiments, observes, creates.
South: Healing of fire. Warm flames at my back, warmth glowing through my body. My energy flows into mending, mending, nurturing, growing, waiting.
West: Healing of water. Immersed in the warm ocean, I am suspended. All pain and tiredness is dissolved. Calmness soothes inflammation, waves lull me to peace.
North: Healing of earth. I crawl into the warm burrow. Safe in the earth, soft animal fur purring licking, cradled in darkness and silence.
East-West: Air and water: Healing of rain. The cool rush washes away the viruses, the pain, the fatigue, leaving me fresh and open.
North-South: Fire and earth: Healing of volcano. The burning energy waiting underground, ready to burst out into the world when I am well.
Northeast: Earth and air: Healing of drum. Tingling skin vibrations, rhythm tunes my body. Thrum. Thrum.
Southeast: Air and fire: Healing of lightning. Sudden flash of insight, splitting open the dull illness, changing everything.
Southwest: Fire and water: Healing of hot soup. Bubbling, fragrant, salty steam in my chest.
Northwest: Water and earth: Healing of cenote. The deep water sinks cool into the limestone. Dark rich silent world below the busy life surface.
In the center, I curl on warm sand in the sun, safe in the web of healing.